• Our mission is to engage innovating thinking and commercialize new water technologies.
  • Many groups with the same end goals are often operating independently.
  • There may be great ideas for products that can help address water issues, but there is a need for the right connections and network of resources to take a concept to completion.
  • That’s where Water Technology Hub comes in: Our goal is to discover the demands and needs in the market, connect the necessary talent and expertise into an effective team, deliver powerful results, and turn it into profitable, sustainable business and life solutions.


  • Develop relationships with Universities and educational establishments around the world.
  • Create partnership programs which can access, review and launch technology projects related to water.
  • Work with individual Innovation Centers and Idea Labs.
  • Help place interns and graduates into the marketplace.


  • Target Engineering companies in the field of water
  • Putting theory into practice by connecting the partner university students with engineering firms, with an expertise in their field of interest
  • Design fine tuning, testing, modeling, and FEA analysis
  • Improving upon existing designs
  • Encourage and facilitate the sharing of best practices


  • Engaging state and federal agencies in the pursuit of water solutions.
  • Collaborating with all interested parties: government, industrial, and environmental to ensure responsible results.
  • Finding ways to participate with World Bank, IFC, UNHCR and World Economic Forum initiatives.
  • Allocating a percentage of resources to sponsor water projects in critical regions experiencing water supply shortages.


  • Develop key sponsors to fund innovation projects.
  • Work with private equity and investment firms.
  • Assist small and mid-size companies to access federal grants for larger projects.
  • Create a portfolio of financiers who will be given first access to new projects as they evolve.


  • Understand and cater to the trends of the market place.
  • Create and execute marketing and brand strategy to meet market needs.
  • Provide consulting, software, IT, and media support.
  • Share and connect with experts in various fields.


  • Leverage our vast experience in manufacturing to ensure that the products and innovations are made to the highest standards
  • All material sourcing domestically and globally
  • Access to rapid prototyping and 3D printing
  • Expertise in injecting molding, castings, forging, fabrications, and quality control.
  • Introduction to appropriate manufacturing partnerships.


  • Conduct market research and compile data for analysis
  • Channel development
  • Reaching the end user and customers globally
  • Growing sales and building a brand